About Indelibility

The Blog

Indelibility is a new and developing blog where Indelible begins to explore the issues that distress them. In that exploration Indelible learns new information about themselves and the subcultures that they often find themselves in.

Indelibility deals with: polyamory and open love, kink, bdsm, M/s, and fetish culture, different variations of “the media” i.e: marketing, music industry, animation industry, and social media, feminist perspectives on national and subcultural issues, and personal relationships and personal self-expression.

Indelibility‘s main but often fluctuating goal is to get a shy and timid individual into being a ferocious, significant, and wise one.

The Writer

Indelibility is written by a confused and often curious twenty-three year old who has taken the write bitch, write  motto to heart since graduating college. They just published their first book, a technology manual on Scrivener, that’s available for free here. Their also is a fiction writer who’s in the middle of two novels– both dark fantasy monster stories and both horribly unfinished.


Poetry Tumblr: Indelible’s Poetry

Random Tumblr: clitorisesandsnorlaxes

Google+: Indelibility

Twitter: _Indelible

Goodreads: Indelible

E-mail: likefirehellfire[at]gmail[dot]com 


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